At Frenchies Brasserie we love the French classics. We’ve designed a menu full of signature dishes that put the taste of France on a plate. With a wine list curated out of the best of Bordeaux, Burgundy and beyond. All in a chic, relaxed setting.

le déjeuner

le déjeuner

Brunch: 9-11.30 Saturday & Sunday (Fridays: fresh coffee and pastries only)

Patisserie – Your choice of Croissant, chocolate twist, or snail – 5 ea

Fresh Baguette with house made fruit compote & whipped butter – 8

Smoked Ham & Gruyere cheese Croissant and petite salad – 14

French brioche toast stack with maple syrup creme fraiche – 18

French Omelette with sautés mushrooms  served with sourdough toast and petite salad – 18

Oeuf Meurette – Served with mushroom, lardon, red wine jus, petite salad with brioche toast – 22

Lunch: 11.30 - 2 Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Fish soup, croutons, gruyère & rouille – 19

Steak baguette: sautéed Black Angus rump, seeded mustard, frites – 20

Smoked salmon salad served with avocado mousse, pickled radish – 20

Leek & onion quiche, petite salad – 18

St Agur twice baked soufflé with Heidi Gruyère – 18

Steak tartare served with cornichon, quail egg and frites – 24

Frenchies’ Signature Burger – Rangers Valley beef, melted gruyère, sautéed onions & bacon – 24

Rangers Valley Black Angus eye fillet, frites, Frenchies’ signature sauce – 38


Pommes frites aioli – 8

Poached egg – 4

Ham – 4

Bacon – 4

Avocado – 4

Brioche toast – 4

Green leaves salad – 8

Chef’s Cheese Plate: served with nuts, muscatel & baguette – 24

Symphony Petit Comte: semi hard cheese,24 months old, cow’s milk            Jura

Brillat savarin: soft, white-crusted cow’s milk cheese                                        Burgundy

Fourme D’Ambert: semi hard blue cheese, cow’s milk                                       Auvergne


Apple tatin, vanilla ice cream – 14

Pistachio crème brûlée – 14

Profiteroles with hazelnut cream, chocolate sauce & roasted almond – 14

Le Figieur: french vanilla ice cream, fig digestif – 14

Selection du Glacier

French vanilla, hazelnut, coconut, raspberry sorbet,

white chocolate salted butterscotch

(2 scoops – 8; 3 scoops – 12)

Menu Enfant (under 14 )

$12 with a fruit juice; choice of:

French toast with maple syrup creme fraîche

Le petit omelette – cheese

Choice of patisserie with whipped butter and house made jam

Fish & pommes frites

Frenchies cheese burger & pommes frites

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To make your Frenchies Brasserie reservation, call us on 02 9907 2528 or email reservations@frenchiesbrasserie.com.au

Opening hours:
Le déjeuner
Fri: 9am – 2pm
Sat: 9am – 2pm
Sun: 9am – 2pm
Le dîner
Tuesday: 5pm – late
Wednesday: 5pm – late
Thursday: 5pm – late
Friday: 5pm – late
Saturday: 5pm – late

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