Frenchies Producers

Head Chef Fabian Oliveau and his team at Frenchies Brasserie thoughtfully seek out ingredients based on uncompromising quality. With loyal customers returning frequently for their favourite French signature dishes, excellent consistency is a critical focus. New ingredients are tested on a weekly basis as part of the menu innovation so that we can highlight seasonal changes and specials.

Martins United Logo

Martins United

Martins United Seafood are a premium seafood wholesaler, providing the freshest seafood to the top restaurants and hotels in the Sydney metro area.

Game Farm Logo

Game Farm

Game Farm birds and specialty poultry, supplied to both retail and foodservice are 100% Australian produced. While they are grown cage free, they have unlimited access to food and water at all times while housed in large protective enclosures to ensure safety from predators.

All Game Farm birds are grain fed and also free of added hormones and growth promotants, as required by law. Their ability to move around, with unlimited access to water and a well-balanced diet, encourages good muscle and tissue growth, producing amazing quality meat.

Founded in 1975, they are the largest multi-species game bird producer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wapengo Rocks Oysters logo

Wapengo Rocks Oysters

“Wapengo Rocks offer the discerning consumer a taste experience that can only be described as a unique combination of minerals, salt and delicate creaminess.”

Mumbulla Mountain, sacred to the Yuin people, forms the catchment for the pristine waters that feed Wapengo Lake. The native oysters have grown here for thousands of years and have been farmed since the late 1880s.

The clean waters that flow into Wapengo are filtered by the surrounding national parks, state forests and salt marshes. “We took the opportunity to marry the latest in sustainable aqua-culture techniques with the purest water quality and have created the first certified organic Rock Oyster farm”.

L'artisan Cheese logo

L’Artisan Organic Cheese

L’Artisan produce a range of organic French Style Cheeses using traditional techniques and recipes. Third generation cheese maker and owner Matthieu Megard brought these from his home country of France. They only use local organic milk and are enthusiastic about making sure that their products reflect the Great Ocean Road “Terroir”.

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