Meet the Frenchies Brasserie Elanora team
Frenchies Brasserie Elanora team
Jeremy Pace
Head Chef - Frenchies Brasserie Elanora

Jeremy joined Frenchies Brasserie in 2019, having worked with some of Europe’s great chefs in France and Ireland, including the 1 Michelin-star restaurant Le Temps de Vivre in Roscoff, France.  He then worked as Guillaume Brahimi’s senior sous chef at Guillaume at Paddington before assuming the role of Head Chef at Bistro Guillaume Sydney in 2016.


Jeremy grew up in Brittany on the north west coast of France. He loves cooking classic French food, particularly seafood and vegetables – especially the vegetables that are available in autumn and winter. Jeremy says he loves cooking for other people and making them happy when they eat the food.


He was attracted to Frenchies Brasserie Elanora Heights because of the quality of the food and the cooking and because it’s a “great, well-structured restaurant”. He’s looking forward to cooking with different cuts of meat and Jeremy admits to loving a nice steak with bearnaise sauce and frites

Frenchies Brasserie Elanora team
Muriel Dayde
Front of House Manager - Frenchies Brasserie

Muriel was born in Toulouse, south of France, in a family where good food and wine was – and still is – a must.


When Muriel arrived in Sydney as a backpacker 12 years ago, she started  to work in a small restaurant. And from that point realised food was her dream.


Muriel has experience in a number of restaurants in Australia and for the last ten years with the team at Pilu, Freshwater and Akuna Bay. Muriel brings her passion to create and deliver a unique customer experience.

Frenchies Brasserie Elanora team
Guillaume Kuhn
Senior Sous Chef - Frenchies Brasserie Elanora

Born in Strasbourg, Alsace, Guillaume grew up in a small farming village, where there was always a love of comfort food and traditional cuisine from France and around the world.


Guillaume’s first job was at the Hilton Hotel Strasbourg, and from there he moved to London Park Lane, where he learnt about fine dining. He travelled to Toronto, Canada, where he was part of the opening of the Four Seasons Hôtel with the famous chef Daniel Boulud.


Guillaume says he has two distinct cuisine influences, inherited from his parents: the heavy, creamy French food from his father, and the distinct flavours of Reunion Island Creole cooking from his mother.


He likes to innovate and challenge the norm while respecting the history of a dish.


Frenchies Brasserie Elanora team
Yuri Gonzalez
Chef de Partie - Frenchies Brasserie Elanora

Yuri comes from Bergamo, Lombardy, in the north of Italy where the peak of our culinary tradition comes in Winter with earthy, warm dishes.


His first cooking memory was of his grandmother cooking rabbit and polenta for the whole family for a Sunday lunch.


Yuri has worked in various small restaurants around Italy, where every product was picked daily from the local markets.


He came to Australia 5 years ago where he secured a position at Pilu as a Chef de Partie and more recently, a Sous Chef.


Yuri is thrilled to join the Frenchies Brasserie team and eager to learn about the flavours and the traditions behind every dish