Frenchies Paris Mash

Parismash - NSW

Our Frenchies paris mash is a luxurious addition to any meal. We have done the hard work for you. From choosing the best Australian potatoes, fresh Australian butter and cream and lots of Frenchies love and care.

Steps to serve

  • Heat a pot of water to boiling point then turn off
  • Place the unopened bag in the pot of hot water leave for 15 mins
  • Take the bag out of the water, empty the water from the pot.
  • Empty the Paris Mash into the put and place on low heat
  • Whisk through a splash of milk until desiered consistancy is reach
  • Serve with your meal

What it comes with:

  • 1 x pouch of 150gm of Paris Mash
  • Serves 1 person