Frenchies French Onion Soup

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Our Frenchies French Onion Soup is a true French classic. Now you can enjoy it any day at home.

This is a dish that takes time to make. First we carefully slice onions to the same size and then we slowly cooked them for about 3 hrs, adding stock when needed.

The image of the dish is an example of how we serve at Frenchies Brasserie

Steps to Serve:

  • Place a pot on the stove, empty contents of bag into pot and turn on low heat.
  • Slice french baguette and toast with gruyere cheese on top
  • Serve in bowl with croutons on top
  • If bowls will allow, place under grill with extra cheese till melted

What it comes with:

  • 1 x portion French Onion Soup (needs heating through)
  • Serves 1 person