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Now there’s a new way to enjoy the finest slice of Paris on the Northern Beaches. The events series at Frenchies Brasserie brings together unique flavours of France with exceptional wines from France and all over the world. Come and enjoy in our relaxed brasserie at Elanora Heights.

Wine Events 2020

1. Only Chardonnay – Thursday 26th March:
Chardonnay’s crown is returning, come and taste different styles from various regions with a menu to match!

2. Gin & Juice – Thursday 23rd April:
Think Gin is only for the peak of summer? Come and see why French Gin rocks and pair it with fabulous food prepared by Head Chef Jeremy Pace.

3. Pinotlicious – Thursday 21st May:
Considered one of the kings for wine drinkers, but shows up under many guises. Not to be missed!

4. Do you even Bordeaux Bro? – Thursday 25th June:
It’s cold outside but warm in my heart for this region and style of wine.

5. You say Shiraz, I say Syrah – Thursday 30th July:
It’s the largest selling grape variety for a reason. Come and try some examples of this grape.

The Frenchies Brasserie Events Series

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