Champagne by the glass April

We have teamed up with the crew from Moet Hennessey to have a range of Champagne available for your pleasure.

To book your dining experience please call 02 9907 2528 or book online via the link below

Wines by the glass.

Veuve Cliquot Brut Yellow Label NV

Champagne – FR

Tightly knit, focused by robust acidity and a streak of minerality, this offers subtle notes of white peach, anise, biscuit and kumquat. The refined finish echoes a smoky note.

Dom Perignon 2009

Champagne – FR

The fruit is majestic: ripe, fleshy and profound. Beyond the richness and a certain voluptuousness is a strong impression of consistency that prevails. The wine’s power is remarkably restrained. The various sensations – silky, salty, sappy, bitter and briny – converge and persist.

Krug Grand Cuvée 166 eme

Champagne – FR

Krug Grande Cuvee is the supreme demonstration of prestige and the Krug art of blending. No recipe can define its intricate harmony, so every year the Krug family works from taste and memory alone to recreate this most complex of champagnes. Typically, Krug Grande Cuvee is blended from as many as 50 wines from three grape varieties, 20 to 25 growths, and six to ten different years. Krug Grande Cuvee is the ultimate expression of the Krug style.

Person holding Bottle of Veuve with white and yellow umbrella
Bottle of Dom Perignon
Bottle of Krug Champagne